29 Aug 2012


The hot sun, unforgiving on my skin; walking ten steps to the beach from the house; floating in the warm, salty sea; the coffee shop on the corner which serves us our daily (multiple) bombons & morning tostadas con jamon; hopping over fences & blocked off bridges to get to the Sunday market; late 3pm paellas and fideuas and arroz al hornos followed by two hour long siestas; sitting around drinking from plastic cups until 4:30 am - all before anyone has even thought about heading to the bars yet; learning a ton of Spanish in the space of 4 days, not all of it polite ("Me cagüen la mar salada - coño!"); 7 Euro for 8 wine ticket stubs & a free wine glass at the festival.

These are only a few of the many fantastic normalities of Valencian life I had the pleasure of discovering.

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