19 Sep 2012


1. Discovering hidden beaches after lunch at Casa Salvador. 2. Picturesque Jávea. 3. Pool at our villa. 4. Visiting Spain's number one beach. 5. One of numerous lethargic afternoons by the sea. 6. Fideua. 7., 8. & 9. The stunning City of Arts & Sciences of Valencia.

As well as staying in Perelló, this time we drove up to Jávea for two days. Two days well spent walking up & down the coastline, drinking countless coffees and 1 Euro ciders, eating ridiculously good Spanish food, kayaking into the most incredible cave & out into the open sea, and building up our tans on the beach. More time was also spent in the city of Valencia, visiting the incredible City of Arts & Sciences, doing a spot of shopping (hello, Zara, my old friend) and, you guessed it, stuffing our faces with deliciousness.

Oh, Spain.

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