23 Mar 2013


Leather shorts have always been a foreign concept to me. An idea I liked to flirt with, browsing photos on retailers' sites and admiring the Rumi Neely style of wearing them casually. The only leather items in my wardrobe were the standard black leather jackets and bags.

Last week I finally purchased two pairs of shorts - a black, scallop edged, laser cut number and a dark brown, high-waisted pair. I look forward to pairing them with slouchy jumpers and tees & blazers. I'm just oh so trendy like that. Even though I jumped on the bandwagon about two years late.

Leather Shorts Black Laser-cut


  1. I definitely need a pair of leather shorts. Yours are perfect!!

  2. that scalloped pair of shorts is amazing!!! great juxtaposition in the tough edgy fabric with the laser scalloped detailing!!! stunning!

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