I took this trip over a year ago, but never posted photos. My mother often goes to Switzerland on business and I had the good fortune to be invited along on this occasion, to explore Vevey, Montreux, Geneva and Zurich. The weather was perfect, the scenery idyllic, the hotels unbeatable and the food - heavenly! I've been craving a return trip ever since.

I spent over an hour here, just quietly having an ice cream and a sandwich, undisturbed. 

Hot dogs are one of my favourite fast foods...especially when the sausages are properly made and the bread is a fresh French baguette.

A gorgeous welcome from the Kempinski hotel in Geneva.

I went a little overboard with some of my favourite treats...

When I travel anywhere away from the beach and colder than 20 degrees, I find I tend to pack for comfort over style. Flat shoes, warm cover ups, comfy jeans all take precedence over heels, skirts and dresses.

Slightly appalling, I admit. Especially since these kinds of outfits certainly don't make for great style blog material. For the upcoming trip to Belgium, I've already mentally packed at least two outfits that are at least slightly more interesting than your average jeans and jumper combo. I promise I don't always dress like that!

P.S. I have a new hairstyle! I'm extremely happy with how it turned out - if you follow my Instagram (euriental), you'll have seen it already. Otherwise, photos will be up here soon.


  1. i love switzerland! great food and everywhere feels really classy :) great blog <3 <3

    1. I agree! It definitely has a classy feel to it, especially Geneva :)

      Thank you x