12 Apr 2013


Can you believe I've never owned a pair of appropriately feminine yet practical black heels? Impractical black pairs, sure. Plenty of those. Well, no longer; say hello to my new beauties. I had avoided Zara for a while because every time I go in, I'm tempted by just about everything in there. After a meeting last weekend that went really well, I was in a particularly positive mood and decided to go grab the black pair I'd been lusting after online (unfortunately my avoidance of Zara didn't quite extend to the Internet, where I subjected myself to torturous browsing on a weekly basis).

Zara Leather Sandal
Zara Mid-Heel Sandals

Zara Leather Sandal, or variations here, here and here. Zara Mid-Heel Sandals, or variations here and here.

Of course, after making an extra impulse purchase and nabbing the second pair, I immediately changed into them and off I went to meet Jarvis in Soho for lunch. More walking than anticipated and me stubbornly refusing to change out of them for half an hour ("I need to break them in!") inevitably resulted in blisters and my final breakdown on a wooden bench where I meekly changed back into a more suitable pair of flats. Oh, well.

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  1. amazing purposes! good sense of good taste
    i stay here hope youll follow me back <3
    Sergio, xx