26 May 2013


Just some of the delicious food in Milano, part I of our trip. Italian food is one of my all-time favourite cuisines (others being Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Spanish), albeit the carb-iest. Hence I spent a fair amount of eating time irritating Jarv by forbidding him to touch his food until I'd spent sufficient time snapping photos of every. single. dish.

1// Our first sit-down meal after arriving - these breadsticks literally came straight out an oven and onto our table. 2 & 3// Stickhouse - a fun twist on gelato. I picked an especially mouthwatering one with a dense, chocolate cake-like consistency 4// Risotto with black olives. Amazing. 5// Bocconcino di tartara - this was like a steak tartare but cooked more on the outside. 6 & 7// Our hotel breakfast. I went overboard on the pastries, clearly. Result: stomach ache. 8 & 9// Oberika, Mozzarella bar.

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