10 Sep 2013


We finally made it back to Valencia. The weather wasn't perfect a lot of the time, but when you're stuffing your face with seafood, taking two hour walks on the beach and strolling through the street markets, it doesn't matter all that much in the end.

valencia, spain, lobster, travel
valencia, spain, travel
valencia, spain, travel, Kamara Harding, euriental
valencia, spain, travel

valencia, spain, travel, paella
valencia, spain, travel, paella, fideua, seafood
valencia, spain, travel, meringue
valencia, spain, travel, beach

valencia, spain, travel, jellyfish

My favourite part of the entire trip - floating in the warm, salty sea, letting the waves carry me close to the shore & then swimming back out. Submerging under the water and just spending an hour alone in the ocean, taking in every single second. I felt so revitalised.

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