25 Nov 2013


Yep, it's the time of year when we all start trawling the internet for winter warmers - snuggly jumpers, patterned tights (why should we stop wearing skirts and dresses?), classic coats and, importantly, comfortable ankle boots.

Take a look at my wardrobe and you'll see dresses for days and a ton of jumpers and jeans and bras and tank tops...but surprisingly few pairs of shoes. In total, I have 22 pairs of shoes here in London (and about 4 pairs back in Shanghai). Consider that about four of these are sandals/beach-y type flats, another four are everyday flats, one is a pair of trainers for the gym - it's really not that many! When winter rolls around, I'm equipped with about three pairs of wearable boots. Thus one should reasonably conclude that it should come as no surprise I spend my spare time drooling over these babies and dreaming up ways to buy them (all).

ankle boots, Givenchy boots, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Choies boots, SuperTrash boots, Topshop boots, Euriental
1. Givenchy Open-Toe Bootie // 2. Jeffrey Campbell The Llama Bootie in B&W Scribble // 3. Choies Pointed High Heeled Sandal Boots // 4. SuperTrash Newpull Wedges // 5. Topshop Apres Mesh Stiletto Booties

Which ones are your favourite?


  1. Love the 5th ones! I'm looking for gorgeous tights to keep me warm too lol, xoxo.

    1. I think ASOS is probably a good bet for us when it comes to pretty tights! Or when all else fails, I turn to eBay ;)

  2. Ankle boots are my favourite type of shoe, I have so many!
    I love those Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

    1. I definitely need to up my game! The Campbells are gorgeous, aren't they? Thanks for stopping by :)