10 Dec 2013


As this is coming quite late (well, I know I'm a last minute shopper, I don't know about you guys), I won't do a bunch of different gift guides for this xmas. Instead, I'll suggest a mixture of ideas that most people would be happy to receive, some of which I have gifted in the past and some of which I am gifting this Christmas to my nearest and dearest :)

Hope this gives you some inspiration!

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1. Rituals fragrance sticks - for the homebody. These smell gorgeous, and actually work.
2. Marble chess set. Not only does it make a beautiful centerpiece for any coffee table, it's thoughtful and functional.
3. Lavender sleep mask. Speaks for itself - it smells divine and feels just as wonderful.
4. Ice ball moulds. Anybody who enjoys a good, proper drink now & then will be delighted with this.
5. Cheese knife set. For the cheese lover - we all know one.
6. Personalised photo book - this year, I used Blurb to create a beautiful coffee table book of my father's photography. He takes stunning, magazine-worthy photos (mostly of nature and wild birds) in his spare time, and it'll make a wonderful gift, for he's too modest to ever submit his photos for print himself.
7. Parrot bottle opener/corkscrew. A gorgeous talking point for any cocktail/house party.

Not pictured:

8. Home made chocolate bark - I'll do a post on this asap about how I'm making mine this year. It couldn't be easier. Home made anything - cakes, biscuits, chocolate - is always a lovely gift when wrapped lovingly.
9. Home made body/face scrubs. Clearly I can't get enough of the homemade stuff. For all the ladies in your life.

What gifts are you giving this season?

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