30 Jan 2014


I don't know about you, but I love seeing other people's healthy food purchases and recipes. Two years ago, this top-up shop would have looked more like this: Hobnobs, Nutella (oh God how I miss Nutella), pasta, Digestives, maybe a few bits of fruit. It pleases me to see how I've changed eating habits over time - I still pick up some Reese's Pieces every week or two, I still order a lemon & poppyseed muffin at Costa, I still love all those delicious sweet treats and biscuits and chocolates - I'm not going to pretend I'm a super health freak and look down upon those who don't "eat clean". I don't eat clean. I've simply - slowly, over time - learnt how to replace unhealthy habits with healthier ones. For the most part.

As a result, I feel better, I am able to maintain a healthy level of fitness, and hopefully my future will be a healthier, fitter one because of it. I'd love to hear how you've made changes in order to be healthier - do share!


  1. lovely post
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  2. Everything looks so delicious -- xx