24 Feb 2014


This week's updates will be my first using my tripod. Jarv has been travelling, so without him to help me take outfit photos, I've gotten a lot of selfie and tripod practice in! Unfortunately this also leaves me with no choice but to use my (unattractive) balcony as the setting. I'm too paranoid to leave my tripod and camera unattended out on the street/in the city. Perhaps I'll try to find a quiet location nearby to do so. This is a simple, quick update of the outfit I wore on Friday night. Simple t-shirt and jeans combo works for me for a casual evening. The chunky necklace was gifted to me by Jarv's aunt in Valencia, and the heart necklace underneath from the delightful Lola & Grace.

We went to St. John Bread and Wine, in Liverpool Street, for a quick dinner. I must say, they do typical British fare quite well. Apparently their bakery is something to rave on about, but I didn't have the chance to sample any of the baked goods (save the fresh bread they served us before our meal). Jarv and I had blood cake with duck egg and foie gras & duck liver toast for starters. Double yum. For our mains; the kid rump (tender and cooked to perfection) and the pig cheek (fatty, oily, and utterly divine. See the photo on my Instagram if you're interested). I ordinarily never turn down dessert, but it was honestly so heavy and fatty I couldn't even imagine eating any more. My stomach was complaining.

The group behind us ordered a whole suckling pig to share (which caused quite an uproar when brought out, involving poses with tongues in the pig's mouth and thumbs up with cheesy grins...I'm not sure they'd seen a cooked pig before, haha). It was then I remembered that growing up in China is very different to many Western countries. We're used to seeing entire animals on plates - heads, eyes, tails, feet and all. It's not adventurous in China, it's simply expected.

Oh, and yes...I realise my mirror needs a clean.

Zara white t-shirt, Zara camel jeans, Euriental
Lola & grace heart pendant necklace, Euriental

T-shirt (Zara, similar here and here), jeans (Zara, similar here and here), heart shaped necklace (Lola & Grace, similar here and here), chunky floral necklace (from Valencia, similar here).

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