18 Feb 2014


salmon salad with peanut sauce, healthy eating, Euriental
salmon salad with peanut sauce, healthy eating, Euriental

Salmon makes its way into at least two of my meals per week. Raw, pan-fried, oven cooked, whatever. I love it.

This dish actually included black rice noodles, but if you want it to be a super low-carb dish, just substitute the black noodles for more salad. Throw in some cucumber, radishes, whatever you please.

I simple wrap the salmon fillet in some foil and throw it in the oven at 200 degrees for 25 - 30 mins. The peanut sauce includes the following ingredients:

one to two tablespoon of 100% natural peanut butter (no sugar or salt added)
50 - 100ml of hot water
a teeny tiny pinch of salt
a dash of fish oil
a clove or two of minced garlic (I used pre-roasted garlic, but raw is fine)
a squeeze of lemon
a teaspoon of stevia

When it comes to sauces and soups, I'm not huge on exact measurements. I just add and taste until it's to my liking. The sauce may look a tad runny, but it tastes absolutely divine!

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