20 Mar 2014


If you, like me, have short legs (and a long torso, in my case. Yes, it's ridiculous, and something Jarv takes great pleasure in teasing me about when I wear flats. "Awww, look at your little legs!"), you'll probably know the basic rules for elongating your lower body - nude heels, high-waisted shorts, etc. Personally, I don't think high-waisted shorts look good on me. I think I have one pair lying about somewhere, forgotten at the bottom of a pile in my drawer. I always feel a bit like I'm wearing a diaper with high-waisted shorts. Is it just me?Instead, these are my top five items to wear to elongate the legs:

Michael Kors S/S 2014 wedge, Altuzarra S/S 2014 maxi dress, Derek Lam 2009 beige jumpsuit, Zadig and Voltaire black leather trousers A/W 2014/15, Adam Selman wide legged striped trousers S/S 2014, 5 pieces to wear for short legs, Euriental

1. A very comfortable, perfectly angled wedge. I know, I know; really? A clunky chunk of wedge? The trick is to find one that not only gives you a good few inches of height, but also angles your foot so that you don't look like you're standing on your tiptoes, but your foreleg and ankles are given a slimmer appearance.

2. A maxi skirt or maxi dress. One with a slit works perfectly - paired with heels, the occasional peek of side leg is not only sexy but the flash of flesh when all else is covered up screams "legs, legs, legs!" A maxi skirt that can sit a little higher on your waist is ideal, to give the impression of alllll leg underneath that skirt.

3. A jumpsuit that draws in high on the waist. A one-piece is the ideal selection that alludes to longer legs, particularly one that cinches in higher up - between the waist and breastbone.

4. Black skinny trousers and a tucked in blouse. Black hides a multitude of imperfections. The right pair of black skinnies (and a blouse tucked in, or at least partially tucked - long tops that drape down past your butt will only serve to emphasise short legs, especially if you're in flats) makes for a great trick of the eye. Tip: wear black boots/heels with the trousers to create an even longer, fluid line.

5. Wide-legged trousers. It's pretty much the same principal as the maxi skirt - with all that beautiful material (and a pair of heels underneath), wide-legged trousers (especially pairs that go PAST your feet and skim the floor) are an excellent option if you're lacking in the 'long-legged gazelle' department. I'm on the hunt for the perfect white or nude pair for this summer!

Would you agree? Do you use any other tricks?


  1. I agree on these top 5 pieces. I am petite so most of the time I do the trick too! :)

    1. Glad to hear you agree! Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Great post, despite being 5 ft 9 inches I actually have quite short legs so any advice is helpful... Id never considered a jumpsuit that draws in with a high waist, thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you! I get you - I'm 5'7, pretty average, but have short legs. Happy to share :)

  3. I like all the pieces above - especially the relaxed trouser and the wedge! perfect spring pieces!