24 Mar 2014


Nozomi is nestled in a side street round the corner from Harrods, right in the heart of Knightsbridge. I'm sitting on the fence with Nozomi. Although the food was great, service was prompt and professional and there were quite a few other tables occupied (I don't know about you guys, bu I'm not a fan of a dead, empty restaurant at night), it lacked a sort of je ne sais quoi for me, and didn't quite feel like an authentic Japanese establishment (throughout our dinner, the only music played was Arabic! Which, although I do enjoy, I don't think is quite suited to the restaurant). It was overall just lacking memorability, decor and ambiance-wise. Now, though, onto the important part (let's admit it, the only bit you're really interested in, right?), the food! This was good, although perhaps a tad overpriced (we are talking about Knightsbridge, after all).

We began with delicious prawn dumplings sitting on a tangy ponzu sauce and topped with a dollop of foie gras. Wolfed down in seconds.

prawn dumplings tangy ponzu sauce foie gras, Nozomi London, Euriental
Next, a shiitake mushroom kushi - these were great. Bursting with flavour that just oozed out with every bite and smothered (but not excessively) in a sweet soy sauce.

shiitake mushroom kushi, Nozomi London, Euriental
I was excited to try the next dish, despite the odd-sounding combination. Duck and watermelon salad - weird and wonderful. The watermelon was juicy and sweet, the duck was shredded (my favourite), the coriander provided a refreshing lightness and the cashew nuts added a satisfying crunch to each mouthful. My favourite dish of the evening. I would go back just to have this.

duck and watermelon salad, Nozomi London, Euriental
The meal must go on! We feasted on some fresh mixed sashimi - tuna, salmon, yellowtail, prawn; all settled gently on mini rolls of cabbage.

mixed sashimi plate, Nozomi London, Euriental
Then, for the grand finale, my favourite - black cod. Ooh, if I could only have one more bite. You know it's cooked perfectly when it flakes away easily from the rest, glistening and tender. Grilled and served with Nozomi's own miso, it did not disappoint. To go with it, we had Japanese aubergine. I'm not a huuuuge fan of eggplant, so I had a tester bite and gave it a miss, but Jarv happily chomped down on what I left behind.

black cod and miso, Japanese eggplant, Nozomi London, Euriental
Nozomi London, Euriental
'Tis me! Looking slightly confused and surprised, but me nonetheless.


  1. I hate overpriced food, but man does that ever look good. That cod especially, it looks as scrumptious as your description!

    xx Hélène

    1. I agree, it's a bummer when you know you can get amazing food for such fantastic value and then you see ridiculously overpriced menus. The black cod, though, was totally worth it!

  2. The food looks tasty and you look beautiful!

    Tara x