13 Mar 2014


A few years ago, my mama's friend (who is coincidentally also my friend) came to London for a visit. "Let's have sushi!" She proclaimed, and I wholeheartedly agreed. She told me of this amazing place she knew all the way over in Kensington, and insisted we go there. Boy, am I glad we did. With fish so fresh and perfectly sliced that the restaurant's motto is "without soy sauce" (so that you can truly appreciate the flavours of the seafood) and service so impeccably spot on, Yashin stole my heart from the moment we sat down.

Jarv and I have been back twice, most recently just this Saturday. After a great gym session in the morning, whilst we sipped on espresso macchiatos in the sunshine, he said the magic words. "Should we go to Yashin for lunch, then?" We called up, made a reservation for an hour later, walked back to the hotel to change and off we went.

We both chose one of the Yashin Lunch options, which includes miso soup and a salad.

Yashin sushi, Kensington, London, miso soup in teacup, Euriental
Yashin sushi, Kensington, London, restaurant, Euriental
The miso is presented in rather English-style teacups. Doesn't Jarv look like such a gentleman?

Yashin sushi, Kensington, London, 100% Iberico Pork with Green Chili Sauce, Euriental
The first of our starters - 100% Iberico Pork with Green Chili Sauce. So, so tender and fresh.

Yashin sushi, Kensington, London, salad, Euriental
The aforementioned salad. Even this was drizzled in the most delectable of sauces.

Yashin sushi, Kensington, London, mizuna leaf and deep fried soft shell blue crab with tosa vinegar, Euriental
The second of our starters, mizuna leaf and deep fried soft shell blue crab with tosa vinegar. YES. It is as amazing as it sounds. They are not stingy with the stuffing, either.

mizuna leaf and deep fried soft shell blue crab with tosa vinegar, Yashin sushi, Kensington, London, Euriental
Yellow Tail Sushi Lunch, Yashin Sushi, Kensington, London, Euriental
For my main, I went with the Yellow Tail Sushi Lunch, which included five pieces of yellow tail nigiri and a spicy yellow tail roll. Noms. Not going to lie, I did try to peel off a lot of the rice and eat mostly just the fish.

Yellow Tail Sushi Lunch, Yashin Sushi, Kensington, London, Euriental
Genmaicha, Yashin Sushi, Kensington, London, Euriental
After we'd satisfactorily sated ourselves with food, we ordered a Genmaicha each. Genmaicha is brown rice tea - it's divine!

Green tea ice cream, Yashin Sushi, Kensington, London, Euriental
Aaand of course the powers of green tea ice cream were irresistible to me.
Not only is the food faultless, the service is of an excellent standard too. Before your order is put through, you are asked politely if you have any allergies or dislikes in particular. After every plate, you are asked if the dish was enjoyable. Dishes are removed from the table promptly and served with a smile. It truly does make a difference to the overall experience.


  1. wow, this looks like such a beautiful meal!

    1. It was magnificent! Thanks for stopping by :-)

  2. Ooo I really like the sound of green tea ice-cream. It looks yummy! X


  3. Oh wow, so much yummy food!
    Thanks for the insightful comment you left me on my last post. I'm so glad it worked out for you :)
    I'm still afraid of those big decisions, if only because I know myself, and I know that when I get comfortable, I tend to stay...settled. I'm still not sure what I may do, but there's still some time to figure it out at least.
    Anyway, thanks for your thought!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. No problem at all - hope I helped in some small way. It's a natural part of life to feel doubt, sometimes. I'm sure you'll be just fine ;)

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    1. Ditto! Thanks for stopping by x