Melbourne is the city of coffee shops, of many independent fashion labels and boutiques and of every imaginable cuisine. The streets reminded me of Europe - no one city in particular, just a general air of European culture and lifestyle in the way people dressed and in the style of cafes and trendy, hideaway bars and restaurants. 

"If you see an unmarked, interesting looking door, enter it. It'll be one of Melbourne's many fantastic hole in the wall bars", we were advised. It was true - every single bar we went to was hidden down a dark and creepy alley, or through a dark, unassuming hallway and behind a black door in a regular bar, or up three floors from a jazz lounge and opening out onto a huge open air terrace. Melbourne, it seems, is a city for those in the know. 

 We ate a lot of gorgeous food - from Greek food at Hellenic Republic (owned by George Calombaris of Masterchef Australia) to Thai dishes at Longrain to an awesome pulled pork and apple bagel from some random cafe I barged into in a hungry, desperate state. If we were to go back, food would definitely be the aspect I'd want to explore more of!

Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, Euriental
Melbourne, Australia, Hellenic Republic, Euriental
The incredible Hellenic Republic (above). Ughhhh I could eat that seafood every day!

Longrain restaurant, Melbourne, Australia, egg basket, Euriental
I didn't even realise what restaurant I was sitting in until this gorgeous egg basket was placed on the table. It was then that it clicked for me that I'd seen the head chef of Longrain on Masterchef Australia before, cooking up this very dish. I am a self-confessed Masterchef addict, so I geeked out big time!

Melbourne, Australia, Aesop window display, Euriental
This creative live Aesop window display drew a small crowd. By the way, does every Australian in the country use Aesop?! The brand was everywhere!

Melbourne, Australia, park, Euriental
Melbourne, Australia, fire station, Euriental
Melbourne, Australia, the wharf, Euriental
Melbourne, Australia, coffee shop, Euriental
Melbourne, Australia, park, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, entrance, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, lobby, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, executive lounge, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, executive lounge, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, suite bathroom, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, suite view, cathedral, Euriental
View from our window. Isn't  it fantastic?!

Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, suite, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, lounge, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, lobby, Euriental
Park Hyatt Melbourne, Australia, lobby, Euriental

We stayed at the Park Hyatt Melbourne. In all honestly, although the decor was charming and the public areas were up to typical Park Hyatt standards, the hotel was showing signs of wear and age and needs a revamp quite badly. At least, the rooms do. There were also minor mishaps when it came to staff - forgetting to restock water and used toiletries, particular members of the concierge acting slightly unprofessional at times, a mix up with taxis which caused us to be 30 minutes late for a very intimate wedding - no bueno!

On the positive side, the location is great, within easy walking distance of hundreds of shops, cafes, restaurants and department stores. We had a beautiful view of St. Patrick's cathedral and the executive lounge had an amazing range of alcohol in the open bar (from 6 - 8pm, if I recall correctly) as well as lovely ladies taking care of guests and replenishing the breakfast and evening buffets. All in all, it was still a pretty fabulous stay.


  1. Melbourne is on the list of cities I must visit. I haven't been to Australia, but my husband studied in Sydney for a period and loved it. But your description of Melbourne sound amazing-- I love the idea of a city for those in-the-know…. they are always such fun to discover things in. And now you have me craving Greek food as well! :)

    1. I must say, Melbourne was fun but I truly fell in love with Sydney. Your lucky husband! Melbourne definitely has a lot of hidden away secret spots - that's the excitement of it, I suppose ;)