16 May 2014


I've seen many dedicated healthy eaters write about quark before, but hadn't noticed it in any UK supermarket - until last week. I snatched two up and headed home with an idea in mind. A refined sugar free, fat free 'deconstructed cheesecake'! It's ridiculously simple (Jarv and I may have had it after dinner for about 4 evenings in a row), and pretty damn tasty.

Quark works great in this recipe as it tastes sort of halfway between a cheese and a yoghurt, and the consistency is pretty thick and almost crumbly. It's high in protein, virtually fat-free (at least, this brand is - make sure you check the pot before buying) and according to certain sources, sits well even with lactose-intolerant people. I try to avoid too much dairy myself as my body doesn't always react well to it, but as a treat now and then, it's absolutely fine for me. Don't expect it to taste like an actual cheesecake, obviously - this is just a simple, tasty dish to throw together when you're craving something sweet and healthy.

All you need is:

Quark (I used half a pot of Golden Acre)
Agave nectar (I use 'light')
Oat cakes (I use Nairn's 'fine milled')
Blueberries (or raspberries, strawberries - whatever you prefer!)

It barely even necessitates instructions. Scoop out some quark, crumble up two or three oat cakes on top of it, sprinkle over a handful of blueberries and squirt out some agave...dig in. It's that easy.

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