If you, like me, have breasts on the smaller side (or 'petits', as I like to call them), finding a suitable bikini might occasionally prove a bit of a challenge. Triangular shapes are often unflattering without breasts to fill them out, and halter necks tend to have the same issue. So if you're in need of a little inspiration or help, here are my suggestions on styles to wear when you're ready to show off that beach body of yours.

1. Underwired. Logically, it might make more sense for an underwired bikini to suit larger busts, however these are an excellent option for those whose breasts are on the smaller side, as they can lift and give the impression of cleavage.

2. Bandeau style. This is a fantastic option for those with a small chest, as larger breasts may droop without enough support, whereas those on the smaller side sit snugly. Try to avoid harsh lines, though, and instead opt for knotted or rounded shapes.

3. Patterned. Printed swimwear distracts from a small bust, so go for it - bright, mixed colours; interesting patterns and unusual prints will all divert attention (and look gorgeous, too!).

4. Padded. The obvious option, these will add shape to women with a flat or small chest.

5. Frilly. Much as with patterned swimwear, frilly or tasseled tops can give the illusion of a larger bust by distracting from your cup size and presenting a layered effect.

Some current options:

So, what do you think? Do you usually go for the above styles, or do you have another favourite?

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