After fruitlessly searching for my idea of the "perfect denim shirt", I poked around Jarv's shirts and came across his Ralph Lauren ombre one. It fit almost all of my strict criteria (apart from being about 5x too large for me), so I borrowed it for the day.

What is the perfect denim shirt? Primarily, it has to be soft - none of those stiff, office types for me, thanks. The desired shade is a medium to light, faded blue. It has white or cream mother of pearl buttons, ideally, and sleeves that can be rolled up and buttoned back (much like the below). There are no pockets of any sort. Yes, it has been an unsuccessful search, as you might imagine!

Ralph Lauren ombre denim shirt
Ralph Lauren ombre denim shirt
Ralph Lauren ombre denim shirt
Ralph Lauren ombre denim shirt

Get the look: 

Shirt from Ralph Lauren menswear, similar women's version here
Unbranded dress, similar here and here
Ankle boots from Sydney, Aus, similar here and here
Cuff from...I forget! But you can find similar versions here and here

What items do you steal from your s/o's closet?


  1. Loove the dress color and how you styled it with denim!!:)

  2. Love this! Nice twist on the orange dress, I recently bought a denim shirt that is 'boyfriend fit'. I usually steal PJs from my s/o's wardrobe... or occasionally his barbour jacket if we're walking the dog on a chilly day! Xx

    1. Thanks, Kitty :) Haha, I do the PJ stealing thing too. They're just so comfy. You can't go wrong with Barbour, either! X

  3. whats the link for the boots? i loooove themm!!