A foodie haven, a coffee addict's dream, a shopper's paradise and even a nature lover's oasis, New York has something for everyone. Instead of taking you through each shot below, I think it'll be more useful to you to share some of the awesome restaurants, bars, coffee shops and parks we spent time in. We managed to see (and eat) a lot in 3 days, so enjoy my recommendations and let me know if you've been to (or end up trying) any of them!

Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | 3 days in New York City, view from Highline Park
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | 3 days in New York City, Jewish deli pastrami sandwich
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | 3 days in New York, flat iron
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | 3 days in New York
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York, Joe's Pizza
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York, West Village
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York, Bryant Park
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York, coffee
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York, Andaz 5th Ave Splash Suite
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York City
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | 3 days in New York City
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York City skyline
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York City, NYPL
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York City, NYPL
Euriental | fashion & luxury travel | New York City, Times Square


I had a simple, delicious Margherita slice at Joe's Pizza on Carmine street.

We ate like beasts at chilled out DBGB Kitchen and Bar (it's all about the meat. The guys loved their lamb chops).

A breakfast of champions was had at the incredibly friendly, welcoming and authentic Jewish deli, 2nd Avenue Deli. We murdered the 3 decker sandwich with pastrami, corned beef, wide salami, cole slaw and Russian dressing pictured above.

Enjoy freshly baked, beautiful pastries and treats at Maison Kaiser, Bryant Park.

Italy meets Japan in a tasty fusion of flavours at All'onda. I had the fazzoletti with fennel sausage ragu, it was perfect. Jarv had bucanti with smoked uni and spicy breadcrumbs - sadly it was a little small and there wasn't a huge amount of uni. Everything else was great, though.

You have to grab a concrete at the original Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, if not an entire burger meal! We had a moreish caramel miso flavoured concrete (and had to resist going back for seconds).

Does the imagery of a lemon souffle pancake with fresh oranges and syrup have you salivating? Then you'll want to have breakfast/brunch at The Shop. Warning, it isn't particularly cheap, being Andaz 5th Avenue's own restaurant.

The best brunch, however, was at The Kitchen at Grove Station in Jersey City. Light, seasonal fare full of flavour with the added bonus of being a BYOB joint. The smoked salmon scramble, duck confit hash and brioche French toast are all gorgeous.


How many coffees we drank, I don't know. I can barely keep track of all the coffee shops we stopped in at, but I'll do my best. A decent caffeine hit can be found at Joe (the art of coffee), Roasting Plant Coffee (the West Village branch is great for whiling away an hour on a Saturday), Blue Bottle Coffee, Gregory's coffee and Toby's Estate Coffee, a popular, trendy coffee shop attached to a bookstore/Club Monaco, on 5th Avenue.


I really like the little parks dotted around Manhattan - it seems that many of these parks and squares form a center point for each area; the name of the park is often a byword for the neighbourhood as a whole. We spent a little time in Madison Square Park, home to the aforementioned first ever Shake Shack; Bryant Park, busy with people playing ping pong, working out and reclining in chairs on the grass; Central Park, where row boats drifted peacefully by on the lake; and The High Line Park, unique in its location above the Meatpacking district on an elevated one & a half mile long stretch, although very busy. 


Cienfuegos takes you up a tiny, dark, narrow staircase and into a dimly lit bar. It's Cuban, it's fun, it's a little whimsical, and it's all about sharing their big bowls of punch (the punch also comes available in a size suitable for two).

Directly downstairs from it is Mother of Pearl, a seaside themed bar which would have you believing you were at a beach lounge in Ibiza, palm shaped fans and white sofas galore, be it not for the fact that there are no doors to block your view of the New York streets. Cocktails are served in unusual vessels and the corned beef spring rolls are some of the best I have ever eaten.

We chatted for hours at The Raines Law Room, a gorgeous speakeasy that transports you back to another era with its luxurious, plush decor and intimate ambiance. If you're lucky, you'll be able to nab a sofa booth all to yourself. Draw the sheer curtains around you for some privacy and pull on a toggle to call for service when you're ready for an expertly made cocktail.


The West Village is charming, chock full of low rise, warm-toned brick flats reminiscent of so many US sitcoms I spent my teenage years watching. Walking around here felt familiar and comfortable, and there are so many amazing looking cafes and restaurants that had Jarv and I going, "next time let's go there!" over and over.

5th Avenue is where we stayed, right opposite the Public Library. It's a lovely area with cafes galore, beautiful Bryant Park at your feet and myriad restaurants, shops and cool architecture within walking distance. 

Liberty Street/Brookfield Place. Set right by the water (you can even catch a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty), have a drink or a nibble at one of the establishments here or pick up some fresh produce at the fantastic indoor market, Le District, with all kinds of gorgeous French fare you'll want to take home, from meats to seafood to breads to desserts.

Wall Street is very cool, full of glass high rises and right next to the stunning 9/11 memorial. We stayed here last time and I felt right at home, plus it doesn't hurt that Century 21 - a huge department store brimming with designer and high street bargains - is located here.

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  1. It looks like you had such a wonderful time I am jealous! I have always wanted to go to New York can you take me?!

    1. Thanks, love, it was fantastic! I hope you do get to go soon ;)

  2. Looks like a really fun trip! I've been in NYC this spring, and coming back this December - so in love with the city. Thank you so much for making this list of recommendations; I am always looking for new spots:) Have to check out those coffee shops you listed:)

    1. It's such a vibrant place to be, isn't it! I'm glad I could suggest some places, I hope you enjoy your time there :)

  3. Looks like you had a great time! You stayed at the perfect location with great view! :)

  4. I see you hit my favorite place, the Shake Shack and the Maison Kaiser. I wish I knew you guys were here. Beautiful photos as always girl.

    Kia / KTS

    1. Yesss, both awesome places! Next time, for sure. x

  5. new york city is the best! beautiful photos!

  6. I love NYC! I don't know the city well, so I will keep in mind your recommendations. Beautiful photos!

    1. Let me know if you end up trying any! Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. So gorg!!! I'l use your tips one day!
    Kira xx

    1. Thanks, my love! Hope you do - it was all so good :D

  8. Great post!

  9. These photos totally make me miss New York! I'm glad that you got to visit so many great places, and eat tons of great food. I actually used to live in the West Village, so it's great that you loved my old neighborhood!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

    1. Thank you, Stephanie! I feel like we saw a lot in 3 days. Ah lucky you, it's wonderful in the West Village!