Back with another gift guide, this time for the jet-setter in your life. I seem to be drawn to everything red this year...but hey, it's festive!

1. These Estee Lauder under eye masks are perfect for using on long-haul flights. My skin always feels parched when I fly for more than a few hours, especially my delicate under eye area. Plus they're unlikely to cause quite as big a shock to your fellow passengers as a full on face mask might, so ... double yay? I like to use the leftover serum when I take them off to moisturise the rest of my face.

2. This Travalo refillable perfume spray allows you to take your favourite perfume anywhere you go, without having to pack a full bottle. Particularly handy for those who often travel with hand luggage only.

3. Sennheiser in-ear headphones - a quality pair is vital to being able to enjoy your music/podcasts/films whilst flying; even better when they're noise cancelling. So your loved one can appreciate their entertainment without the distraction of the sound of the engine. Bonus: the cables are tangle-free. *EDIT* this has sold out, but these noise-cancelling Libratone earphones are just as handy.

4. This Skinny Dip portable phone charger is a pretty adorable (and extremely useful) gift. *EDIT* This has also now sold out, but this charger is also a ridiculously cute option.

5. For the friend who can't deal with holiday hair frizz and who always travels with his/her straighteners - these mini GHD straighteners are a great alternative. Though touted as being for shorter hair, its smaller size makes it a perfect travel-friendly option for anyone who just wants to keep their hair looking sleek.

6. Whether it's for the woman who always travels with a selection of jewellery or the man who needs to pack his cufflinks, this stylish travel case is the solution to keeping accessories safe and tidy in one place.

7. A small but sweet gift that adds a fashionably elegant element to any piece of luggage is this Fossil luggage tag.

8. For the coffee addicts out there, this Aeropress coffee maker will come as a lifesaver. We have one that we use at home, but if you know a keen hiker, camper or backpacker, this would make an excellent gift. It's super easy to use and travel with and will ensure that as long as they have access to water they can boil, they will always have decent coffee, wherever they are.

9. This pack of 5 cord 'tacos' is a very chic way to keep wires/cords tidy in bags. I know my tangled earphones and charger cords have driven me crazy too many times to count...I should probably 'gift' these to myself 🙊

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